Privacy Policy


This is the Privacy Policy for ‘TravelX’ app which is provided by Mirai Labs, Inc (henceforth referred as “we”, “us” and “our”).

We respect your personal information, privacy concerns and are committed to protecting your privacy at all times. This privacy policy defines how we collect, store, use, process and share/disclose your personal information.

General Provisions

Security of your personal data is very important to us. Our privacy policy defines the measures which ensure you that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. We strictly adhere to the internationally recognized best practices and principles, in line with applicable legislations and regulations, during the collection, storage and processing of your personal information:

(i) Personal information is processed in a transparent manner

(ii) Personal information is deemed to be relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is collected and/or processed

(iii) Personal information is collected only for the stated, explicit and lawful purposes

(iv) Personal information shall be kept in a form, which permits your identification for explicit identified purposes for which it is collected and processed

(v) Personal information shall be accurate and wherever possible, it shall be kept up to date. Inaccurate personal data will be deleted or rectified wherever possible

(vi) Personal information shall be collected and processed in a manner that ensures its security, protection against an unauthorized or unlawful access and any accidental loss or damage, with the help of the relevant data security measures.

Purpose of collecting, storing and processing your information

Our app offers trip assistance and personalized Retail & Lifestyle services to the passengers. It includes the information such as general travel information, airport details including its location, directory, maps, duty free shops and restaurants, various ancillary services available at the airports.

Our app provides the features to the passengers such as track flight, traffic alerts, weather alerts, flight arrival and departure times, wait times, boarding gate information, shopping and food/dining options at the airports, personalized recommendations with using our Artificial Intelligence powered auditioning and personalized deals/offers using location based targeted marketing services. Our app also facilitates various in-app services such as cab booking, parking, fast security, forex, digital retail and food marketplace, airport lounge booking etc.

We require to get some information from you in order to provide these trip assistance and personalized Retail & Lifestyle services. Our app will not work as effectively, some of its features may not work and we will not be able to provide some of these services to you, should we not capture certain details from you such as – If we do not capture your location details as facilitated by the GPS / WiFi coordinates from your mobile device then we will not be able to show or send you the relevant alerts or notifications, personalized contents, personalized recommendations or deals/offers about the retail shopping or food options which are near to you and other such personalized services.

What information do we collect and store?

We may collect and process the following personal information about you:

  • Personal details such as your first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number that you may provide to register and subscribe to our services
  • Your log-in credentials such as user name, password etc.
  • Login details used for connecting to your TravelX account via 3rd party social media sites or apps. These sites or apps may also provide us certain information relevant to your login and contents that you may have interacted with prior to logging in to our app.
  • Your search and purchase history including the retail shopping products or food options, your preferred products/food options, recommendations, wish lists, current and past orders along with their relevant details including order id, order date, delivery address and delivery date etc.
  • Your payment method preferences including the Credit or Debit Card, Internet Banking, Mobile/Digital Wallets. Only the information which is required to process your payment  will be collected such as card number, expiry date, CVV etc. However, none of these details will be stored within our app or platform. These details will be just sent over to the respective payment gateway using over the secured channels. Our app and platform are fully compliant with various regulatory requirements and laws as defined from time to time, with reference to collecting, storing and processing of payment specific data.
  • Communications sent to us e.g. reported problems, service requests, tickets, queries,  comments or suggestions regarding our app or its content
  • Your responses to the airport or airline surveys, promotions by them or various brands, any contests or competitions that you may have responded with or participated via our app
  • Information relating to your real time location via your mobile device using    GPS /WiFi coordinates.
  • Audit logs including the timestamp when you logged in to the app
  • Your mobile device information such as type of the device, operating system which may be automatically collected and recognized by our web server. You cannot be identified using these details and it is used to assist us in providing seamless services via our app. This can only be collected should your mobile device settings allow it; therefore we recommend that you should always review your app settings from your device time to time and select the relevant options that you are comfortable in order to allow/disallow access to our app.

How long this information will be stored?

We will store your information including the personal data for the period of Five years from the date of your consent. If you continue to use our app or services after this period then we are entitled to retain this information for further indefinite period which necessities us to provide you our app/services or require us to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements or applicable laws/legislations or orders from the competent courts, unless we receive an instruction from you about the erasure or removal of your personal information.

How do we use your information?

We will use the personal data which you provided to:

  • Identify yourself when you sign-in to your TravelX account
  • Enable us to provide Trip Assistance, Retail & Lifestyle services via our app
  • Collect your real time location to provide location-based services in order to send you relevant recommendations, deals/offers and personalized services.
  • Send you alerts, notifications of relevant personalized recommendations, services, deals/offers at your location should you choose to receive those
  • Analyze usage of the app in order to improve our services and contents, including research about the user segments and demographics
  • General administration of your user account with us
  • If you have consented to receive emails from us and our partners then we will send you information and offers which may be of interests to you or as  requested by you,  including marketing communications such as newsletters.
  • Allow with your explicit consent, 3rd parties to send information and deals/offers to you about their products and services.
  • We collect information about your access to our app using cookies or technologies like cookies (unique device identifiers on iOS and Android platforms). It is used to allow you the seamless and quick usage of the app, to remember your last login, to collect statistical data about your app usage
  • We track user analytics data such as usage of our app, how users interact with our app etc.  This is for the purposes of providing personalized and seamless  services to our users, for targeted marketing purposes and in-depth understanding of our users and their behavior.

Whom do we share/disclose your information with?

We may share/disclose your personal information to our group companies, partners,  3rd party providers, payment gateway providers, logistics providers or contractors who assist us in providing the trip assistance and Retail & Lifestyle services via our app, fulfilling various services including payment processing, order processing and delivery, any front end or backend services, providing contents, payment processing marketing communications including any distribution lists, data analysis, providing support and maintenance services or any other such tasks from time to time. They will use your information explicitly to the extent that is necessary to perform their duties or tasks and it is binding on them to protect your data in accordance with the standards as defined in this privacy policy.

We may share/disclose with your explicit consent, your email address, name, mobile number, last login date/time with the selected 3rd parties to send you alerts, notifications, information, offers via app, email or sms which you may find useful.

If we undergo re-organization or are sold to or merged with any company or organization, you agree that any personal information we hold about you may be transferred to such 3rd party company or entity or their authorized representatives.

We may also share/disclose your information to the law enforcement, competent government authorities, regulatory bodies or their authorized representatives or  relevant 3rd parties where we believe such information is required by applicable law or regulation or a relevant court order or where we believe such disclosure must be done in order to exercise, establish or defend legal rights or to protect vital interests of any person or a group of people.

Security of your information

Security of your personal data is very important to us. We use appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to keep the information we collect, store, use, process and share/disclose, secured at all times. We have relevant security measures in place to protect this data against any loss, misuse, damage, theft or alteration of any personal information. Our security and privacy policies are reviewed regularly from time to time and are updated as needed in line with the various data security measures which we undertake that comply with various regulatory requirements or any changes in law as necessitated. Your personal information will be accessed only by authorized personnel, the complete audit log of each such access will be captured and maintained securely in the system.

We cannot guarantee or ensure that any data loss, misuse, theft or alteration will never occur, however we assure you that we use all of the relevant measures and techniques in order to prevent any such incident. It should be noted that submission of any information over the internet is never considered fully secured, hence we cannot guarantee the security of such information you submit via our app or other such services when it is in transit over the internet, therefore any such submission of the information over the internet is at your own risk.

Your Rights

  • You are under no obligation to provide your personal information. Should you choose to withhold such requested information or do not provide your explicit consent then we may not be able to provide certain features and services to you within our app.
  • If you do not want our app to collect your location data via GPS or WiFi coordinates, then we will not be able to continue providing the relevant alerts,  notifications or personalized services based on your location.
  • If you are using login credentials of your social media accounts or apps to login into your TravelX account then in order to control sharing of your information with our app, you may use settings of your social media accounts to control what personal information that you share with us.
  • If you do not wish to receive the information about the products and services from us, our partners or 3rd parties or any marketing communications including newsletters then you may opt-out of receiving such communications using the “Unsubscribe” option provided. It should however be noted that even if you opt-out receiving such communications, you will still receive some emails, alerts or notifications from us such as related to your account or general updates.
  • If you want to refuse tracking or reset your device identifiers (which will reset any prior tracking history) through settings menus on your mobile device. You always have this right to refuse any tracking usage or to reset tracking history.
  • You can raise any of your data privacy or security related concerns or instruct us to view, rectify, update, delete, block or remove your personal information at any time by contacting via email on the address provided in the “Contacting us” section of this privacy policy.

Children’s privacy and safety

Protecting the safety of children while they use app or online services is very important to us. We do not wish to collect any personal information from children under 18 and recommend that children receive due permission from their parent or guardian before gaining access to our app or sending any personal information.

Contacting us

Please submit your requests, questions, concerns, comments or suggestions about your personal data or this privacy policy by email to us on –

TravelX Privacy Policy – Version v1, last updated on March 19, 2019